1982-2022, Touch (the UK-based imprint and publisher) will celebrate forty years of activity; very few independent organisations survive this long in any field – particularly in the creative industry – without material support from sponsors, art funders or any other bodies. So far, Touch has tried to grow organically and independently and thus has been able to make ideas-based decisions in a spirit of ‘the reality of the situation’.

Of course, this has presented huge challenges, but by building from the ground up and focusing on individual artist development and mentorship, Touch has steered its way through historic and often difficult times.

We have seen the momentous shift from analogue to digital, and the re-exploration of analogue audio by many sound artists, the revival of vinyl and cassettes as a format option for releases; lighter, cheaper equipment and air travel have opened up opportunities for collaborations and field recordings for artists which were not there previously. We have witnessed huge changes in design, production, distribution and point of sale issues as well as the meltdown enabled by digital technology of the supply of artists into the market place.

But digital ‘freedom’ has actually had the opposite effect; fewer artists can earn a living compared to the 70s and 80s. Even fewer have the opportunity to reach a wider audience with the saturation syndrome of streaming platforms and promotion-based social media. In amongst this swirling effect of confusion, Touch has stayed consistent, with wit, energy and durability, all qualities which creative people need in their lives.

We intend to continue…


Events in 2022, subject to change

31 January 2022
Kuppelhalle, Silent Green, Berlin

Artists: Oren Ambarchi & crys cole, Youmna Saba, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Ipek Görgün, Marta De Pascalis

Produced by CTM

With longstanding interests in transcending conventional instrumental approaches, Oren Ambarchi’s immersive ambient explorations are punctuated by collaborator and sound artist crys cole, who re-tunes the ear with subtle and imperfect sounds created through haptic gestures and seemingly mundane materials. Youmna Saba is currently focused on the interrelationship of traditional Arabic music and electronic and electroacoustic treatments. An attentive and (com)passionate listener of the world around him, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay inquires into the materiality, objecthood, site, and technological mediation of lived experiences, and considers the aspects of subjectivity, contemplation, mindfulness, and transcendence inherent in listening. In her rich, ambient drone soundscapes that explore the complexity of the human psyche, Ipek Görgün balances technical precision and emotional potency to spin fine-tuned sounds that stay resistant to blur no matter how thick her mix becomes. Marta De Pascalis will bring her own music selections to round out the evening’s ambiance.

11–13 March 2022
2220 Arts + Archives, Los Angeles

Artists: Jasmin Blasco, Faith Coloccia, Robert Crouch, Robert Gaines, Bana Haffar, Bethan Kellough, Pauline Lay, Robert Aubrey Aiki Lowe, Yann Novak, Zachary Paul, Yewande Pearse, Rotary ECT, Katja Seltmann, Chandra Shukla, Geneva Skeen, Gabie Strong + Peter Kolovos, Travelogue, Mark Van Hoen, CMvH, Byron Westbrook + demos, presentations, keynotes, panels and talks

29-30 April 2022
Indexical at the Tannery Arts Center, Santa Cruz

Installation: Chris Watson
Artists: Bana Haffar, Patrick Shiroishi

29 April 2022
The Lab, San Francisco

Artists: Bana Haffar, Patrick Shiroishi

20-22 May 2022
NorthWestern University, Chicago

Artists: Olivia Block, Cleared + demos, presentations, keynotes, panels and talks

Produced by Experimental Sound Studio

22-24 June 2022
Iklectik, London

Artists: Biosphere, Fennesz, Ipek Gorgun + demos, presentations, keynotes, panels and talks

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We’ve been fully independent all this time and never had any support from institutions or private patrons. Many of our artists economically suffered under lockdown, losing regular incomes due to venue closures and tour cancellations. We are seeking donations by private patrons and foundations to help pay our festival artists equitable performance fees, as the venue will have limited occupancy due to COVID-19 restrictions and ticket sales would not cover their needs.

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